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Fernando Perez
I am a social worker with many years of experience in and outside of Canada offering my services in Spanish, French and English.

As a therapist I work with a range of issues pertaining to individuals and/or couples looking at each problem according to the extent that it affects the person. My belief is that each individual has the potential to make the necessary change(s) to better his/her life. It is a sign of strength for anyone to admit the existence of a problem and to take the necessary steps to solve it.

My work and dedication as a therapist is described by one of my clients:
"It was good to have Fernando as a counselor at one of the worse moments in life. I was facing difficulties in my personal life away from home, not happy in my relationship and lacking satisfaction in my job. A moment when I thought that there was no more tomorrow or a future to dream about, he helped me to see the bright side of life."


I have experience dealing successfully with issues that touch the human-existential situation.

In counseling individuals, some of the more common issues I have dealt with are:

In my experience working with couples some of the more common issues are:

I have a vast experience in the area of addictions:


As a therapist, I work mainly with individuals and couples. My focus is to help them find solutions to the problems impeding them from fully enjoying life. A safe forum for the individual(s) to express themselves and for couples to re-establish communication is extremely important. I provide the necessary tools and support for the individual who may be dealing with substance abuse or addiction.

My goal is to help the client(s) get a different perspective that enables them to conquer the presenting issues. These may be:

I am willing to assist you to find a solution to your problem or concern.

Office Address & Contact Info

Fernando Perez
6981 Millcreek Drive, Unit 21
Mississauga, Ontario, L5N 6B8
Tel: 905 824 8013

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